About Our Organization

The Capilano Group comprises of retail, hospitality and tourism based businesses anchored by Vancouver’s popular tourist attraction, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The Capilano Group’s diverse portfolio includes two accommodation properties in the Canadian Rockies, two retail gift shops in BC and Alberta and several food and beverage facilities.

Native Vancouverite Nancy Stibbard purchased Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in 1983 and has spearheaded the attraction’s development and phenomenal increase in attendance over the past thirty plus years. Nancy’s commitment to exceeding guest expectations and providing truly memorable experiences is the service promise on which the Capilano Group is founded. All of the organization’s marketing, administrative and financial activities are conducted from its headquarters at the Suspension Bridge location. Capilano Group employs over two hundred people seasonally in addition to the over two hundred year-round positions. Students receive exceptional training and, on average, return for three seasons.

Nancy Stibbard’s vision for the Capilano Group is to create experiences that people are amazed by. Following on her success at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, she has created and developed premium tourism related properties in truly unmatched natural settings.

Environmental Stewardship

The Capilano Group is dedicated to environmental stewardship and aims to be a leader in the tourism industry. All properties are situated in unique and beautiful areas of BC and Alberta, areas whose reputation generates visits and interest from all over the world.  Environmental stewardship promotes and encourages superior environmental performance at all of the Capilano Group.  By seeking to reduce the impact on the environment beyond measures required by governmental permit or rule, we will produce a better environment, conserving natural resources and ensuring our long-term sustainability.

The Capilano Group is committed to supporting our local community.  Being good corporate citizens includes volunteering time, to participating in local committees, supporting local festivals and events, donating scholarships, providing venue space for community groups and making the Capilano Group a true partner within the local community.